What communicating is all about


“When Caleb first started coming to Connections, he was only saying a few words, but by the end of his first session, he was saying two new words! Caleb's therapist has taught him to communicate with words, sign language, and pictures. Using these new skills has helped our family better communicate with Caleb. Caleb feels more confident and less frustrated, and his tantrums have decreased as his communication has improved. He enjoys coming to Connections and interacting with his therapist.”
- Rebecca, Caleb's mom. Caleb is 4

“I have four children who come to therapy at Connections, and each of them has shown progress. Scott, our 11-year-old son who has Down Syndrome, has made significant progress. Everywhere we go, people can understand him now. Our life has been blessed and made better by coming to Connections.”
- Rachel, Scott's mom. Scott is 11

“The Connections staff have been instrumental in Kurt's progress. They work so well with him and our family. Kurt's younger sister, Lorraine, is often a part of his therapy and the speech therapist makes things fun for both children. Additionally, our therapist has helped us with individual parental guidance sessions, enabling us to better communicate with our son. Kurt has shown so much progress under your care. Thank you so much for your help!”
- Thomas, Kurt's dad. Kurt is 10

“Our son's speech therapist has been amazing. Her knowledge and astute observations helped us obtain an early diagnosis of our son's autism. She noticed things that our pediatrician overlooked. Without her guidance, we would have missed out on the early intervention opportunities which so greatly helped our son. Over the years, she has continued to build his language skills, but has also helped tremendously in teaching him social skills, supporting positive behaviour, and giving us suggestions on how to approach difficulties as they arise. Words cannot express our appreciation for her help and the wonderful, trusting relationship she has established with our son and our family.”
- Lisa, Carter's mom. Carter is 8

“At the age of 2-1/2, our daughter was not speaking at all; she was just crying with frustration. We began speech therapy, and she has been progressing ever since! At first, our daughter's grandma thought speech therapy was a waste of time and money, but after spending time with her this summer and seeing her progress, she said it was the best thing I could have done for her! Thank you for everything!”
- Chanda, Odessa's mom. Odessa is 9