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What is a CCC-SLP?

SLP stands for Speech Language Pathologist. An SLP's job includes assessing, diagnosing, and treating speech, language and swallowing disorders. SLP's must have earned Master's degrees from a University program which has been accredited by ASHA (the American Speech and Hearing Association). Along with required coursework, Master's degree students complete 400 hours in a clinical setting, working as speech therapists in training.

Once a Master's degree (including the clinical practicum) is completed, the new speech therapist must complete a Speech Language Pathology Clinical Fellowship Year of at least 36 weeks of full-time clinical practice under the supervision of a certified SLP. They also have to successfully complete a national examination in speech language pathology. 

How do I know if my child needs speech therapy?

Development milestones vary. Please refer to our services page for more specific information. We believe strongly that concerned parents should have an evaluation. Parents often intuitively know when a child's development is delayed. An evaluation can either show the need for therapy, or put the parent's mind at ease.

What happens at an evaluation?

Evaluations usually last about an hour and a half; this can vary based on the needs of the client. The Speech Therapist will test articulation (determine which sounds are used and how they are combined), receptive language (understanding what is said), and expressive language (actual communication). They may also look at oral motor development and play skills by observing the child during their interactions or take a language sample, analyzing the grammar and structure of the child's words.

What happens during therapy?

Each session is individually designed by the SLP, based on the child's needs. Activities are selected to meet the goals for the child and help them progress. We believe that therapy should be fun; thus, therapy is usually play-based, with language practice embedded into the play and activities. Often SLP's will suggest follow-up activities for home to practice what is being learned.

Will my insurance cover visits?

We work with most state and private insurances. Parents may contact our office, provide insurance information, and give us permission to contact their insurance company regarding eligibility. Parents might also contact their insurance company directly.

My child receives speech therapy at school. Should they have additional services?

If parents are comfortable with their child's rate of progress, they may not require more services. However, many children do benefit from increased therapy sessions. We do our best to coordinate with the school SLP's to provide optimal services for clients we share.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand life gets busy and sometimes things come up. We ask that appointments be cancelled in advance, preferably the day before. This allows us to give the therapist enough notice of the schedule change, and to fill that appointment time with another client who may be waiting for an appointment.

Do I sit in the session with my child and the therapist? Can I bring my other children?

It is up to you and your child whether or not you join. We welcome you to each session, offering support for parents and strongly encouraging family involvement. Feeding and physical therapy often involves the parents because we are treating babies and young toddlers. Other children/siblings are always welcome.

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