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Connections is expanding as we are now offering Physical AND Occupational Therapy. Our current sensory room is quite small for big movement, so we are very excited to eventually be able to offer a larger gym space for physical and occupational therapy needs. We are working hard to get the space prepared and ready to go for clients, and we need your help!


In the past 20+ years, Connections has served over 5,500 children in the Whatcom County area. Approximately 65 percent of our clients are on state funded healthcare, which is currently reimbursing at a rate less than what was reimbursed to us in 2012. We are seeking help in covering the cost of expansion rather than make cuts that could jeopardize our ability to provide quality care to our clients. Below you can check out our current sensory space, the goals we have for the new sensory gym, along with our GoFundMe link. We appreciate your support so much!

comparison visual OT gym.jpg
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