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Connections SLP follows the Bellingham School District for closure or late starts due to weather. If they close for the day, the clinic will be closed and all scheduled appointments will be cancelled. If they are operating on one-to-two-hour delays, the clinic will do the same and open at 9 or 10am. Any scheduled appointments prior to that time will be cancelled.

If we are experiencing weather related problems during a day when school is not in session and need to change our business hours, we will record a message with the information on our answering machine, make a post on our Facebook page and website, as well as make every effort to contact clients as soon as possible. It is always an option to switch to telehealth on closure days, so please let us know if that is something that would interest you.

Please give our Facebook page a follow so that you don't miss out on weather alerts, reminders, or other information and resources we share:

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