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Baby Holding Parent

Baby Holding Parent

Baby with Toys

Baby with Toys

Mother and Baby on Floor

Mother and Baby on Floor

surprised baby

surprised baby

Baby Crawling

Baby Crawling

Crib Mobile

Crib Mobile

Baby Stretches

Baby Stretches

Our goal is to help your babies and children eat successfully, move, grow, and develop normally. Physical Therapy at Connections provides developmental motor physical therapy, manual physical therapy/bodywork, and feeding therapy for babies and children. Connections offers a unique and complementary multifaceted approach to treating babies and infants with feeding and movement challenges, as well as specific tethered oral issues (tongue, lip, and cheeks ties).

We work closely with pediatric dentistry and lactation specialists for a team approach to tethered oral issues affecting feeding, movement, and structural dysfunction. We are diligent in the work we do to promote normal infant development, with as little stress as possible, that will support normal growth and development for years to come.

We treat babies with signs/symptoms such as..

  • Gassiness

  • Grunting & distressed pooping

  • Colicky

  • Body stiffness

  • Breast preference while nursing

  • Spit up/reflux symptoms

  • C-curved body

  • Recessed chin

  • High palate

  • Poor nursing latch

  • Clicking sounds during nursing

  • Frustration or fatigue at the breast 

  • Mom’s suffering form recurring mastitis or clogged ducts

  • History of very fast or long labor

  • Flat or misshapen head

  • C-curved body

  • Torticollis avoids looking R/L

  • Deep neck creases

  • Red creases in neck line

  • Furrowed brow

  • Head tilts to one side

  • Fisted hands and turtle neck/shoulders shrugged

  • Inability to open mouth wide

  • Uneven mouth opening

  • Hates car seat 

  • Hates tummy time

  • Poor weight gain

  • Low lying tongue

We do interventions such as..

  • Relieve tension stress in the body and head

  • Assessment and treatment of Plagiocephaly, Scaphocephaly, and Brachycephaly

  • Pre and post tongue tie release therapy

  • Stretching, eliminating stiffness

  • Tummy time prescription

  • Neuromuscular re-education

  • ROM body, neck and trunk

  • Strengthening

  • Gross Motor Development

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