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Our certified Speech Language Pathologists serve children from birth through age 21 both in person and online. We treat a range of disabilities including speech and language impairment, autism, genetic syndromes, hearing loss, sensory integration, and more.


Our licensed Feeding Therapist serves infants and children who need support eating. We treat difficulties with the swallow, suck, and breathe pattern, as well as any other procedures affecting the mouth that may result in feeding problems.


Our licensed Physical Therapist serves infants and babies with feeding and movement challenges. We treat infants with oral issues, gross motor dysfunction, tissue tightness, and more.


Our licensed Occupational Therapist supports children in gaining independence, and strengthening developmental skills, such as gross motor and social skills.

If you've had an appointment with us this month, you've likely seen the colorful canvases lining the hallways and our rooms. We've been so grateful for the opportunity to host these works by Malissa Perry for the past two months, and they've brightened our space. We have had so many wonderful comments about the art being up, and we are so glad you've enjoyed it too! On February 5th, they will be taken down and returned.

However, to encourage fundraising for our sensory gym, Malissa Perry and her team have decided to mark ALL PAINTINGS 10% OFF until February 5th! If you've felt attached to any of these pieces, or simply want to support a local artist with disabilities or our fundraiser, please email to initiate a sale. (Half of all sales will go to our sensory gym fundraiser!) Thank you all for your enduring support!


Our goal is to help every child develop communication, feeding, and physical skills during a time of fun, play-based therapy. We have a strong belief that every treatment plan should be individualized for our clients and their families. We offer comprehensive evaluations and on-going therapy in a friendly, child-centered manner. Family involvement is encouraged for on-going development of skills in the home environment.


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Connections SLP has expanded and we are trying to raise funds to build a sensory gym in the back of our center. Click the button below to learn more about this project and how you can donate!


Click below for answers to our client's most frequently asked questions.

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