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Sensory Gym Fundraiser

For over 20 years, Connections has served more than 5,500 children in the Whatcom County area. Over those decades, we have seen a lot of changes to our small business, like moving our location and increasing the number of speech therapists. Most of these changes were positive, but then the pandemic struck in 2020. The pandemic forced us to live differently, so we removed our waiting room and adapted to the new "health-conscious" lifestyle. Throughout the pandemic, Connections held its "growth mindset" value. We understand how important our services are to our community and brainstormed new ways to grow. We added a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and another speech therapist. All our offices were full and our small business no longer felt small, that is, until we saw our "sensory room."

Our Vision

We have a massive 38'x28' space in the back "garage area." Our ceilings are over 14 feet tall and there is plenty of room for a climbing gym, swings, ramps, ball pits, and so much more. Here is a computerized image of our dream space, as well as some examples of other sensory gyms. 

Our Current Sensory Space

This is our current "sensory space" room. It is roughly 8'x7' with a few mats, a small ball pit, and a white board. The space is good for one client at a time and is not suitable for large movements. Sensory integration is a huge part of occupational therapy, and often times the use of swings, climbing walls, stairs, and lights are used. We realized we have the perfect space for this already!

How Can You Help?

Help us reach our goal with any or all of these three methods!

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